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20+ years ago, what I thought would make me a successful farmer wasn’t working. (More fertilizers. More fertilizers. And then more fertilizers.) I felt helpless as I watched my yields continue to drop.

George Sims
Founder of CarbonWorks

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My outlook changed when I began providing my crops with 3 essential nutrients: carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. And now, 13 years of success across the United States has shown how powerful this approach is.

While trying to help his Florida citrus groves recover from declining yields, George Sims discovers a new way to refine carbon and combine it with oxygen and hydrogen energy.


With this new discovery, George creates three unique carbon products to help Florida citrus growers like himself.


George Sims launches the CarbonWorks brand. Nate Firle, a Minnesota-based agronomist and researcher, brings CarbonWorks products to the Corn Belt for testing on corn and soybeans.


CarbonWorks refines its technology, producing a new generation of products that are eight times more concentrated that its first generation.

Carbon. Works.

Don't take our word for it. Take their words.

“...the addition of humic acid improves and increases the biological and microbial activity in the soil and delivers hydrogen and oxygen to the root zone.”

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Beck’s Hybrids, “Carbon Study In-Furrow” Practical Farm Research Book (2018): 348

“CarbonWorks CetaiN® is topping our research plots. [CarbonWorks CetaiN®] is a nitrogen enhancement additive that can be used with urea or UAN 28%. Its multifunction approach holds all forms of nitrogen to the soil with a carbon element, delivers oxygen to the nitrosomonas and nitrobacter to boost their activity, and provides hydrogen for the urea compound.”

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AgRevival, “How the Nitrogen Conversion Process Impacts Your Yields” AgRevival Research Book (2019): 39–40

“Water conditioners are added to water that has a high mineral content, specifically calcium and magnesium. Water conditioners will keep these minerals from reducing the efficacy of various tank additives, usually pesticides or foliar fertilizers, by binding with the mineral cations in the water and preventing them from being tied up with the tank additive.”

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Beck’s Hybrids, “Water Conditioning Study” Practical Farm Research Book (2018): 41, 345

“Restore™ [now RSTC 17®]  is unlike other products we test . . . it is designed to go in-furrow on the seed to enhance germination, increase root development, increasing yield and ROI, but it holds no N,P,K value, and zero salts . . . Not only have we observed fast emergence and larger roots, we learned we could regulate the amount of nutrients we are applying because of the increase in soil nutrient availability measured. In our research, we have reduced the P and K applications by approx. 18%.”

AgRevival, “Product Performance Review - Restore™” AgRevival Research Book (2017): 26
We’re here to help you grow. Not to play word games.

Nutrient stabilizer? Biological? Humic? Humic acid? Carbon additive? We’ve been called almost everything.  Good thing CarbonWorks is here to help farmers like you grow, not to belong to a category.

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3 Reasons

CarbonWorks is it's own category.


CarbonWorks is more than a humic. We use carbon as a carrier for delivering hydrogen and oxygen—2 critical nutrients for boosting biological activity and yields.


Our products actually work with your spray equipment and other inputs. (We don’t sell useless, unprocessed chunks of rocks.)


CarbonWorks provides crop-specific agronomy programs. And delivers results confirmed by 13 years of independent product testing. We don’t tell you to “dump it on everything and be super amazed!”


Grow your farm's potential.

Start Strong

Faster germination, more uniform stands, larger root systems, healthier soil bacteria. It all adds up to stronger crops, which increases your yields and profits.

Drive Yields

Stop Nutrient Loss

Nitrogen & other inputs are expensive. Don’t let your nutrients leach away. Hold and enhance your fertilizer with CarbonWorks CetaiN.

Stop Nutrient Loss

Torch Stubborn Weeds

Say goodbye to pesky weeds when you condition your spray water. Or boost the performance of your foliar fertilizers with CarbonWorks Replenish.

Enhance My Spray

Maximize Manure

Boost your manure’s nutrient content while reducing harmful environmental impacts with CarbonWorks Renew.

Maximize Manure
Wherever you grow.

We're here to help you.


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