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Discovering a New, Effective Carbon Technology

While trying to help his Florida citrus groves recover from declining yields, George Sims discovers a new way to refine carbon and combine it with oxygen and hydrogen energy. This new product—based on the principle that carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are the most essential components of life—delivers tremendous results in his orchards.

2006 - 2009
Sharing Success with Growers

Through his existing company, Root Solutions, George creates and markets three unique carbon products to Florida citrus growers. Use soon expands to strawberries, potatoes, watermelons, and green beans, each with extraordinary results.
Growers in Virginia and Georgia begin using the products to enhance their production of peanuts, cotton, corn, soybeans, and peaches.
In 2009, vegetable growers in Michigan and Ohio implement the products on their farms and experience great success.

Launching CarbonWorks with a National Vision

George Sims launches CarbonWorks as the sole manufacturer of his products. Nate Firle, a Minnesota-based agronomist and researcher, brings CarbonWorks products to the Corn Belt for testing on corn and soybeans. CarbonWorks products become available to Midwestern farmers after displaying impressive results in Minnesota field trials.

Delivering Higher Yields to California

Two new CarbonWorks products enter California’s cotton fields and almond orchards. Though humic products are no stranger to California growers, these new carbon products are like nothing these growers have ever seen before. Their use expands to over 40 crops with outstanding results.

Humic Solutionizer

Growing the Company

CarbonWorks builds a second manufacturing facility in Atlanta, Georgia, and adds additional employees to triple production capacity and deliver more products to growers.

Introducing a New Product Generation, 8x More Powerful

CarbonWorks refines its technology, producing products eight times more concentrated that its first generation. Each continues to perform consistently, while becoming easier for growers to use.

Doubling Production Capacity with a New Facility

CarbonWorks builds a new manufacturing facility in Florida, which doubles the company’s previous production capacity.


For 15 years, we have enabled growers to overcome challenges and push beyond the previous limits of their farms. Our one goal is to continue to help growers increase their yields and profitability. We understand the challenges facing growers, which is why we will continue to do everything we can to help you, the grower, obtain a more prosperous future.

Our Mission

To share our unique knowledge with growers all across the U.S. in an effort to help them better utilize their agronomic resources while enhancing yields, promoting sustainable growth, and increasing profitability.

Our Vision

Our vision is for growers to share and collaborate in order that the best farming practices may be found and promoted world-wide. As a company, we desire for all growers to farm sustainably so that our soils will be healthy and productive for future generations.


Some things can only be explained as
God incidences.

George Sims - CEO

We think that you being here is one of them.
George Sims as a Navy Pilot

We create a better future when we learn from our past.

I grew up in southern Alabama—a region rich with peanuts and soybeans. You could say I grew up in agriculture.

After earning an engineering degree from Auburn University, I became a pilot for the United States Navy. During my career, I flew the A-4 Skyhawk off aircraft carriers.

Following my retirement from the Navy in the 1980s, I returned to agriculture. I built and managed two of the largest citrus groves in Florida, and, like many growers, I used every traditional best management practice. Yet, year after year, I faced the stark reality of declining yields.

The more I tried to fertilize my way to success, the further I fell.

I came to realize that we as growers must be missing something crucial.

With an open heart and open mind, abundant knowledge can be gained.

In 2005, I began working with a carbon product called humic. With God's help through years of trials and triumphs, I developed a technology unlike any other that can restore soils and accelerate yield growth sustainably, while reducing our dependence on commercial fertilizers.

CarbonWorks was born.

Photo of George Sims
Photo of George Sims

I am on a mission to help my fellow growers.

Growers across the U.S. have been using our products on their farms for over 10 years. While they've seen impressive results, I firmly believe the best is yet to come. As growers continue to use our products, they are discovering more ways to help them grow better.

CarbonWorks continues to move forward as a leader in the industry. We now have four distinct carbon-based products—each designed for a unique purpose.

These products have changed the way growers grow.