Energized Carbon

Powering our products.

Peat bogs

We start with a pure source of carbon.

We have worked with carbon from all over the world and will not settle for anything less than pure. Our carbon comes from near the Arctic Circle, in the peat bogs of northern Canada. It contains no heavy metals or additional salts, making it a pure, quality source to begin our work.

Unlocking carbon's potential.

Unprocessed carbon granules and powders are ineffective. (Unfortunately, some companies will try to sell this to you.) CarbonWorks extracts pure carbon from the raw material and activates it with food-grade potassium hydroxide. The result? A humic that actually benefits plants and soil microbes. Using this process, we created Growules—our certified organic base product, from which we create all our other products.

Granular Growules

It's a trade secret, so we can't tell you everything.

Here’s what we can tell you: Our proprietary process results in a complex carbon chain with the perfect balance of energy and oxygen. It has the power to revive biological life and make your farm more productive, all while using fewer commercial fertilizers and chemicals.

Diagram of photosynthesis and cellular respiration

It's more than just a word around here.

We don’t call our products “natural” because it sounds nice. Or because companies try to market everything from soup to nuts with it. Our products work with nature to optimize the photosynthesis and respiration cycle. They deliver necessary ingredients to make this natural system most efficient. This allows plants to grow more vigorously, making your farm more productive and sustainable.