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CarbonWorks Agronomy Program

Program Overview

Designed to help establish a more uniform stand, maximize nitrogen retention in the soil and crop uptake, and enhance spray efficacy.

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  • RSTC 17® in-furrow at planting
  • CetaiN® with broadcast & sidedress nitrogen applications
  • Replenish® with foliar herbicides & fertilizers

Testimonials & Case Studies


3rd-party trial measuring the yield response of adding 25 ounces of CarbonWorks CetaiN to 50 gallons per acre of UAN-32 applied as a Y-Drop sidedress application on corn.


This year we experienced weeks without rain, getting to a D3 drought in my part of the county, while the other half was at a D4.  I have heard of neighbors unfortunately receiving expected low corn yields, anything from 0-120 bu/ac. With a system approach in using different products to help relieve plant stress, I can confidently say that CarbonWorks Replenish and RSTC17 was a part of keeping balance in my plants during a very challenging time . . . and actually obtaining my highest corn average over all acres at 202 bu/ac, dryland.


THANK YOU to everyone involved with helping me get the most uniform, perfect plant stands I have ever had! Was shooting for 33,000 population...have 33,000 exact clones. No-tilled with RSTC 17 . . . Came back at spike with 20 gal of 28%N with CetaiN.

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Bigger ears and more bushels with CarbonWorks CetaiN!


We had 12 inches of rain on this corn to-date!

Left: No RSTC 17

Right: RSTC 17 In-furrow


The 2021 Beck’s PFR study showed a $29.38 net ROI with 12 oz. CarbonWorks CetaiN added to UAN 32.

(ROI calculated based on corn price of $4.28/bu.)


We mix RSTC 17 with our 6-24-6 starter in furrow, use CetaiN with every liquid nitrogen application (broadcast, 2x2x2, and Y-drop), and Replenish in every spray tank mix.


We noticed the corn plants with 10-34-0 only started firing a lot sooner than the corn with RSTC 17.

Left: 5 gal/acre 10-34-0 + 8 oz/acre RSTC 17

Right: 10-34-0 only


My corn has been greener all year and the only thing we did differently was adding CarbonWorks CetaiN with our 32% nitrogen at planting in a 2x2x2 offset.


Agronomy Program

We understand every farm’s needs are different. We also know that the best agronomy programs are often simple. Below you will find our standard agronomy program. Talk with your nearest CarbonWorks dealer to determine the best way to integrate our recommended program into your current agronomic practices.

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Start with maximum yield potential.

Accelerate and maximize germination rates to achieve the ideal 'picket fence stand' with CarbonWorks RSTC 17.

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Stabilize and enhance your nitrogen.

Enhance both pre-plant and in-season nitrogen applications when you add CarbonWorks CetaiN to urea, UAN 28%, or UAN 32%.

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Optimize every spray tank.

Boost the performance of herbicides and foliar fertilizers by conditioning your spray water with CarbonWorks Replenish.

Learn more about Replenish

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Connect with your nearest CarbonWorks dealer.

Talk with your nearest CarbonWorks dealer to determine the best way to integrate our recommended program into your current agronomic practices.

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