CarbonWorks RSTC 17®

Start with maximum yield potential.

8 years of independent replicated research trials have proven CarbonWorks RSTC 17 to be the leading corn and soybean starter.

Enhance germination
Establish uniform stands
Promote rapid root growth
Stimulate soil biology

Trial after trial, we lead the industry.

While companies focus on getting their salt-based starter fertilizers off the seed because of poor germination and yield loss, we are placing ours directly on the seed to enhance germination, establish more uniform stands, accelerate plant growth and root development, and increase yields.

No Starter

CarbonWorks RSTC 17

side-by-side study showing the improved emergence on soybeans with CarbonWorks RSTC 17

Net Profit



*Based on the 5-year average yield increase of 8.9 bu/ac at a corn price of $4.95/bu.



*Based on the 5-year average yield increase of 4.2 bu/ac at a soybean price of $11.95/bu.

corn kernel

Our carbon technology is
undeniably different.

After 10 years of testing competing humic products, CarbonWorks RSTC 17 stands far ahead of the competition with its abundant hydrogen and loads of oxygen. That's why no other product has the ability to increase germination rates, establish uniform crops, accelerate plant growth, stimulate soil biology, and enhance fertilizer performance like CarbonWorks RSTC 17.

Increase Germination
Establish Uniform Crops
Accelerate Plant Growth
Stimulate Soil Biology

How It Works

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Nearly all starters contain a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
It’s commonly thought that nitrogen and phosphorus are doing the work.
We’ve discovered it’s actually hydrogen and oxygen that boosts early plant growth and development.
We utilize carbon to deliver these essential nutrients in a salt-free solution.
The result is performance that makes CarbonWorks RSTC 17 the preferred starter for innovative farmers.

What is the seed sphere?

The seed sphere is the critical area surrounding the seed that determines whether or not a seed will germinate and how rapidly the plant will emerge and grow.


Think of the heat released by an active compost pile. The carbon in CarbonWorks RSTC 17 feeds similar microbes in your soil, helping them thrive and thereby increasing the amount of heat they release. This heat helps germinate your seeds faster.


The oxygen in CarbonWorks RSTC 17 promotes nearly perfect germination while increasing bacteria respiration in saturated soils.


The hydrogen in CarbonWorks RSTC 17 fuels your seeds with hydrogen energy, giving each seedling an extra boost to reach the sunlight.

Simple to use.

We recommend applying 24 – 32 oz/ac of CarbonWorks RSTC 17 with a minimum of 5 gal/ac of water in-furrow at planting. And because CarbonWorks RSTC 17 is a salt-free starter, you should place it right on the seed.