Boost your cotton yields by increasing germination rates, improving stand uniformity, and speeding plant growth. The results on cotton are substantial with the CarbonWorks' agronomy program.

Tested & Proven to Boost Yields

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cotton field without CarbonWorks RSTC 17
No Treatment
cotton field with CarbonWorks RSTC 17
No Germination vs. 99% Germination

Cotton planted by the same grower on the same day with the same seed and water on an adjacent field. The difference? One had CarbonWorks RSTC 17.

1,350 lbs/acre
CarbonWorks Agronomy
1,550 lbs/acre
Cotton Yield Boost
200 lbs/A yield increase

Grow Your Cotton Yields
With Our Step-by-Step Agronomy System.

Establish your Crop


Apply 2-3 quarts of CarbonWorks RSTC 17 with 10-15 gallons of water per acre in-furrow, directly on the seed at planting.


Generates higher germination rates, faster emergence, more uniform stands, and more robust root development.

Spray more effectively


Use 12-16 oz. of CarbonWorks Replenish per 100 gallons of water in all your spray tank mixes (nutritional & pesticide).


Maximizes your spray's effectiveness and boosts cotton plant health.

Achieve better defoliation


Use 12-16 oz. of CarbonWorks Replenish with your cotton defoliant chemicals.


Enhances the performance of defoliant chemicals.

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