The Next Generation of CarbonWorks Restore.

A starter that grows your bottom line.

CarbonWorks RSTC17 increases germination rates, establishes uniform plant stands, accelerates plant growth and root development, and improves the environment for microbial life to thrive. A yield booster that nurtures the environment and your profitability.

* While results may vary slightly, CarbonWorks RSTC17 is noted for its incredibly consistent results across all crops and a variety of growing conditions.

Performance Ratings

Composition of starter fertilizers

Delivering hydrogen and oxygen.

Most traditional starter fertilizers consist of NH3 and P2O5. While some have credited nitrogen and phosphorus molecules for improving emergence, we believe it’s hydrogen and oxygen that actually bring results. CarbonWorks RSTC17 captures the natural benefit of these two nutrients, delivering nearly perfect germination with faster and more uniform emergence.

Salt - It's ruining your germ.

Studies show that starter fertilizers such as 10-34-0 are most effective when they are placed off and away from the seed. This is because they are salts, the enemy of germination. Ironically, improving germination and emergence is what starters are supposed to do!

Unlike these starters, CarbonWorks RSTC17 is NOT a salt and achieves optimal results when placed directly on the seed. Like a true starter should, CarbonWorks Restore improves germination and emergence.

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Powered by carbon.

Because carbon lacks a specific ionic charge, we use it to deliver nutrients to your plants. Unlike commercial fertilizers, carbon does not revert to a salt. This makes it beneficial for seeds, plants, and microorganisms.

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Eliminating toxins in the soil

Eliminating toxins and unlocking nutrients.

CarbonWorks RSTC17 unlocks nutrients that are tied up in the soil. How? By eliminating the heavy metals, salts, and other toxic chemicals that commercial fertilizers leave behind.

Building more productive soil.

Carbon is food for the microbes living in soil. Since CarbonWorks RSTC17 is rich in carbon, it significantly increases microbial activity along with nutrient- and water-holding capacity. Using CarbonWorks RSTC17, you will see bigger yields while reducing the amount of commercial fertilizers you need to apply.

Building healthier soil

Unbeatable Results

4 days - Seed to plant!

Faster germination.
Consistent emergence.

With CarbonWorks RSTC17

Extensive root development.

Without CarbonWorks RSTC17

Season-long growth advantage.

With CarbonWorks RSTC17

Yield leader every time.

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Using CarbonWorks RSTC17

Farmers have used CarbonWorks RSTC17 on over 40 crops. Nuts, fruits, vegetables, fibers . . . the list is still growing.
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How is CarbonWorks RSTC17 Applied?

Apply CarbonWorks RSTC17 (in liquid form) directly on the seed at planting and, on some crops, throughout the growing season.

View the label for application rates based on crop.

*For optimized rates based on your farm, visit with your Authorized CarbonWorks dealer.
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