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Spray effectiveness.

The only water conditioner of its kind.

Replenish optimizes water’s pH, binds antagonizers, and keeps plant leaf pores open while feeding your crop essential nutrients.

* While results may vary slightly, Restore is noted for its incredibly consistent results across all crops and a variety of growing conditions.

Performance Ratings

ph optimization
spray effectiveness
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How does Replenish work?

Diagram of how Replenish works
The chemical molecules in your spray products bond to the carbon molecules in Replenish.
As a low pH humic, Replenish maintains open leaf pores and delivers spray products into and throughout your plants.
Carbon molecules move faster through your plants than the salts found in other products. This means your spray products work faster and more effectively.
Additionally, the energy, oxygen, and carbon found in Replenish stimulates plant growth and feeds beneficial aerobic bacteria in the soil.

Impossible results made possible.

Lowering pH permanently
Water pH of 5.62 after Replenish was addedOriginal water pH of 7.43
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If the pH of your water is above 7.0, you may be losing 30 - 50% of your spray's effectiveness.

Weed sprayed without ReplenishWeed sprayed with Replenish
Before application
8 days after application
8 days after Replenish and glyphosate
8 days after application
Before application

Using Replenish

Use Replenish with:

Foliar Fertilizers
Irrigation Systems

Add Replenish to your tank before other spray products to lower the water’s pH to the optimum level.

*We recommend performing a jar test before using Replenish with new products.
Photo of spraying and irrigation

Recommended Rates

Replenish Rates

Apply Replenish at a rate of 12 - 16 ounces per 100 gallons of spray water, depending on the initial pH of the water.

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The only water conditioner of its kind