CarbonWorks Replenish®

Spray more effectively.

Only a few ounces of CarbonWorks Replenish effectively conditions your water. This means you can use lower rates of pesticides and foliar fertilizers to achieve the same results. Or keep your herbicide rates the same and torch tough weeds.

Enhance SPray Performance
Boost Microbial Activity

Watch your weeds die.

Conditioning your spray water with CarbonWorks Replenish improves the efficacy of your herbicide spray which means you get a better, faster kill.

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How It Works

Bind antagonizers.

Minerals in your water often interact with herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, and other products making your spray mixes up to 30 - 50 percent less effective. CarbonWorks Replenish binds and neutralizes these minerals to ensure your spray products maintain maximum effectiveness.

Enhance spray absorption.

Salts antagonize plants, causing their leaf pores to close. As a salt-free water conditioner, CarbonWorks Replenish maintains open leaf pores to deliver your spray products into the plant.

CarbonWorks Replenish increases spray intake by maintaining open leaf pores

The above trial shows improved spray intake by the plant with CarbonWorks Replenish as a water conditioner versus AMS.

Improve mobility for faster results.

The carbon molecules in CarbonWorks Replenish move faster throughout the plant than the salts in other products, making your spray work faster and more effectively.

CarbonWorks Replenish helps your spray work faster through improved mobility

The above side-by-side trial shows two weeds sprayed at the same time with glyphosate. Conditioning your water with CarbonWorks Replenish delivers faster results.

Feed your microbes.

The energy, oxygen, and carbon found in CarbonWorks Replenish feeds beneficial soil bacteria and stimulates plant growth.

CarbonWorks Replenish speeds plant residue breakdown by boosting microbial activity

The above side-by-side trial shows how CarbonWorks Replenish speeds the breakdown of weed carcasses and other plant residue by boosting microbial activity.

For all spray applications

Foliar Fertilizers
Irrigation Systems

Easy to use.

Apply CarbonWorks Replenish at a rate of 12 - 16 oz. per 100 gal. of water, depending on the initial pH of the water. CarbonWorks Replenish should always be added before the other spray products*.

*We recommend performing a jar test before using CarbonWorks Replenish with new products.