Enhance your nitrogen
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Boosts Biological
Root Growth
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Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen—93% of your crops composition.
100% necessary.

Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen—it's abundant in the natural environment so we don't need to add any right? Wrong.

These three nutrients are critical to the health and productivity of your plants, so when you run short, your plants suffer.

Adding Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
Results from CarbonWorks RSTC 17
legume root growth comparison with CarbonWorks Restore

The perfect nutrient carrier.

Similar to magnets, nutrients with opposite ionic charges (+/-) bind together. Uniquely, carbon lacks a specific ionic charge, making it the ultimate tool for carrying, delivering, and stabilizing nutrient compounds found in fertilizers and sprays.

When used with foliar applications, carbon enters the plant more effectively, improving your spray's performance.

Stabilizing nitrogen with carbon

Instead of adding more microbes,
Feed what's already there.

Soil microbes rely on the proper mix of carbon (food), hydrogen (energy), and oxygen (air). 

Unless your soil has the right balance of these nutrients, adding more microbes from a jug won’t help. Since soil microbes have the ability to reproduce rapidly, providing the right nutrients allows them to multiply very quickly.

Feed microbes to boost activity

Carbon. Reducing toxicity.
Unlocking productivity.

Salt. Heavy metals. Toxic chemicals. They’re present in our soil, and we often fail to realize their negative effects.

Carbon naturally purifies your soil which unlocks nutrients and dramatically increases plant productivity. In the most severe cases, we’ve turned farmland with no productivity into full productivity.

from no germination to +95% Stands
Results from CarbonWorks RSTC 17
Cotton field transforming from no germination to +95% stands with CarbonWorks Restore
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5 Revolutionary Products

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Crop Establishment

  • Faster germination
  • More uniform stands
  • Larger root systems
  • Boost your yields
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Spray ENhancement

  • Condition water
  • Lower pH
  • Penetrate plants
  • Spray more effectively
Learn More


Nitrogen Enhancement

  • Enhance UAN nitrogen
  • Boost biological activity
  • Cleanse soil
  • Promote root growth
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Nutrient Stabilizer

  • California Certified Organic input
  • 12% food-grade potassium
  • Stabilize nutrients
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Manure Enhancement

  • Reduce methane gases
  • Reduce odor
  • Reduce solids
  • Increase nutrient content
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