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Deliver essential nutrients with carbon

Deliver essential nutrients with carbon

And stop struggling to maximize your farm.

We have been trained to focus on direct inputs that our crops need to grow—commercial fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides—while overlooking key nutrients that are needed to support the entire biological system.

To earn more profit on every acre, you must deliver 3 essential nutrients to every acre.


Adding these 3 nutrients to your farm will drive results you’ll notice

Adding more of the wrong things won't move your farm forward.
George Sims, Founder of CarbonWorks

The more I tried to fertilize my way to bigger yields, the further I fell.

George Sims
Farmer & Founder of CarbonWorks

So we tried a new strategy: To harness the untapped potential of carbon and create dramatically different products. CarbonWorks was born. And then, along came dramatic results.

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Grow your farm's potential.

Start Strong

Faster germination, more uniform stands, larger root systems, healthier soil bacteria. It all adds up to stronger crops, which increases your yields and profits.

Drive Yields

Stop Nutrient Loss

Nitrogen & other inputs are expensive. Don’t let your nutrients leach away. Hold and enhance your fertilizer with CarbonWorks CetaiN.

Stop Nutrient Loss

Torch Stubborn Weeds

Say goodbye to pesky weeds when you condition your spray water. Or boost the performance of your foliar fertilizers with CarbonWorks Replenish.

Enhance My Spray

Maximize Manure

Boost your manure’s nutrient content while reducing harmful environmental impacts with CarbonWorks Renew.

Maximize Manure

Testimonials & Case Studies


Lab Analysis: A 22% reduction in nitric oxide emissions with CarbonWorks CetaiN added to liquid UAN means you’re losing less of your nitrogen to the atmosphere and keeping it where your plants need it.


3rd-party trial measuring the yield response of adding 25 ounces of CarbonWorks CetaiN to 50 gallons per acre of UAN-32 applied as a Y-Drop sidedress application on corn.


This year we experienced weeks without rain, getting to a D3 drought in my part of the county, while the other half was at a D4.  I have heard of neighbors unfortunately receiving expected low corn yields, anything from 0-120 bu/ac. With a system approach in using different products to help relieve plant stress, I can confidently say that CarbonWorks Replenish and RSTC17 was a part of keeping balance in my plants during a very challenging time . . . and actually obtaining my highest corn average over all acres at 202 bu/ac, dryland.

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THANK YOU to everyone involved with helping me get the most uniform, perfect plant stands I have ever had! Was shooting for 33,000 population...have 33,000 exact clones. No-tilled with RSTC 17 . . . Came back at spike with 20 gal of 28%N with CetaiN.

25 gal/acre of 28% UAN with 12.5 oz/acre CarbonWorks CetaiN side banded at planting. Extremely easy to use!

I sprayed one tank with Replenish and the other tank with dry AMS. You can tell right to the line where the Replenish is . . . I'm sold on the Replenish.

We've seen amazing development on our 3-leaf almond trees! We're using CarbonWorks RSTC 17 in our planting water and with all our liquid fertilizers applied through our drip irrigation system. Replenish is in every spray tank as well.


A random sampling from our fields showed much larger plants and potato sets with CarbonWorks RSTC 17.

Left: Water Only

Middle: 1 qt/acre RSTC 17 (+300 lbs/acre)

Right: 2 qts/acre RSTC 17 (+550 lbs/acre)


Left: Water Only

Right: CarbonWorks RSTC 17

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We saw more bolls and more 5-lock bolls with the CarbonWorks agronomy program which equated to a 200 lb/acre yield increase.

Left: Water only at planting

Right: 2 quarts RSTC 17 in-furrow


CarbonWorks RSTC 17 clearly enhanced early plant growth and vigor on our red potatoes which translated to a +500 lbs/acre yield increase.

Left: Untreated

Right: CarbonWorks RSTC 17


At 21 days we could already see a clear growth advantage with CarbonWorks RSTC 17. At harvest, the CarbonWorks program yielded 60,000 lbs/acre versus 50,000 lbs/acre where there was no treatment.


We always had yellow plants along our ditch banks for several rows until we started using CarbonWorks RSTC 17.


The quality of our potatoes has increased dramatically with the CarbonWorks program, and we've had a positive ROI for 10 straight years with RSTC 17!


Big yield increase plus a 10% reduction in commercial fertilizers!

CarbonWorks: 29,500 lbs/acre

Untreated: 23,000 lbs/acre

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To the line, we could see that the CarbonWorks program did not show any signs of late blight and had noticeably more A size and creamer size potatoes while the conventional fertility program potatoes were eaten up with blight.


We are managing a hemp germination trial, and of all the various combinations we tested, nothing had a greater impact on early growth and plant vigor than RSTC 17.

Left: Planted with RSTC 17

Right: Untreated

Green Beans

We saw much faster early plant development with RSTC 17 which resulted in a 70 bu/acre yield increase with 30% less fertilizer!


We saw drastic improvements with RSTC 17! Extreme germination improvements and dramatic yield increases! Our soil samples improved too—less salt and better pH.

With Replenish, our chemicals and foliar feeds work better and we can use less chemicals.


We planted these two fields on the same day with the same water. What was the difference? One had CarbonWorks RSTC 17!


2,800 pounds per acre harvest on this 4-leaf almond orchard with CarbonWorks RSTC 17 and Replenish. 1,000 pounds more than last year with no bacterial blast or frost damage.

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Bigger ears and more bushels with CarbonWorks CetaiN!


Loaded with pods! CarbonWorks RSTC 17 used in-furrow at planting.


We could see to the line where we used RSTC 17.

Left: No RSTC 17

Right: RSTC 17 In-furrow


I added CarbonWorks Replenish with Liberty + AMS and had a perfect kill. I could count on 1 hand the number of weeds that made it to harvest in all my fields. They were the cleanest fields around!


We had 12 inches of rain on this corn to-date!

Left: No RSTC 17

Right: RSTC 17 In-furrow


The 2021 Beck’s PFR study showed a $29.38 net ROI with 12 oz. CarbonWorks CetaiN added to UAN 32.

(ROI calculated based on corn price of $4.28/bu.)

This is how you drive profits higher, sustainably.
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    Apply the right product mix for your farm.
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    Measure your results.
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Reduce your dependence on commercial fertilizers

Grow a more profitable farm.

No grower wants to see input costs soar while yields stagnate or drop. And you don’t have to. CarbonWorks offers a more sustainable way to grow your yields, grow your profits, and safeguard your soil health. When you provide your crops with the building blocks of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, you’ll realize the path to a more productive and sustainable future is closer than you ever imagined.

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