Powerful manure treatment.
Energy and oxygen.
your manure.
nutrient benefits.

An uncommon solution to common manure problems.

Without Renew, manure handling stinks. Renew accelerates manure breakdown, increases its nutrient content, and reduces negative environmental impacts common in the livestock industry.

* Results will vary based on livestock type. Scroll down to learn more.

Performance Ratings

Breakdown speed
Nutrient content
Odor reduction
Fertilizer quality
19.2 times faster decompostion

Faster breakdown. 19.2 times faster, to be exact.

Aerobic bacteria digest manure 19.2 times faster than anaerobic bacteria. Renew delivers oxygen to manure pits and transforms them into the perfect environment for aerobic bacteria to thrive. 

A fresh approach.

Aerobic bacteria release carbon dioxide, which has no smell and no affinity with hydrogen sulfides—the stuff that makes manure stink. Anaerobic bacteria break down solids into water and harmful methane gas. It’s the methane that carries hydrogen sulfides into the air and gives manure an odor that is definitely not fresh.

Reducing the release of methane from livestock
Reducing the amount of solids in manure pits

Reduce solids.
Increase efficiency.

Renew holds the power to extend pumping intervals, clean flushing alleys, and eliminate the need for mechanical removal of bottom solids. All by promoting the growth of aerobic bacteria and discouraging the collection of solids.

Helping crops grow.

Manure from an anaerobic system can cause crop damage because of high salt levels. Renew addresses the salt issue, promoting healthier plants.

Incredible Results

Before Renew application
Before Renew
Immediately after Renew application
Immediate breakdown!
Increasing the nutrient content of hog manure

Nutrient boost for hog manure.

Increasing the nutrient content of your manure brings you greater value whether you're selling it to other farmers or spreading it on your own fields.

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Nutrient boost for dairy manure.

Dramatically increase the amount of available nitrogen for your crops without increasing the amount of manure you haul.

Learn how we generate our data
Increasing the nutrient content of dairy manure

Using Renew

Renew has been used in lagoons, concrete vats, slurry stores, deep pits, shallow pits, and flush waste systems.

How to apply Renew.

Add Renew weekly to your lagoon or pit to make it a place for aerobic bacteria to thrive.

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