CarbonWorks Renew®

Enrich your manure.

Without CarbonWorks Renew, manure handling stinks. CarbonWorks Renew accelerates manure breakdown, increases its nutrient content, and reduces negative environmental impacts common in the livestock industry.

Reduce Crusting & Solid Waste Buildup
Increase Manure Nutrient Content
Reduce Odor & Harmful Gases
Stabilize nutrients

Get More Nutrients







*5-year average nutrient increase for dairy and hog manure.
Dairy Manure: +26% N, +17% P, +18%K
Hog Manure: +9% N, +15% P, +9% K

How It Works

CarbonWorks Renew

No Treatment

An aerobic bacteria cell invigorated with CarbonWorks Renew
Anaerobic bacteria cells can survive in the absence of oxygen.

One doing the work of nineteen.

That's powerful. Aerobic bacteria digest manure 19.2 times faster than anaerobic bacteria. CarbonWorks Renew delivers oxygen to your anaerobic manure pits and transforms them into the perfect environment for aerobic bacteria to thrive.

A fresh approach to cut the smell.

Aerobic bacteria release carbon dioxide, which has no smell and no affinity with hydrogen sulfides—the stuff that makes manure stink. On the other hand, anaerobic bacteria break down solids into water and harmful methane gas. It’s the methane that carries hydrogen sulfides into the air and gives manure an odor that is definitely not fresh.

Aerobic breakdown of manure eliminates solids which extends pumping intervals and eliminates the need for mechanical removal of bottom solids.
Anaerobic breakdown of manure leads to more solids and the need for increased pumping intervals and the mechanical removal of bottom solids.

Reduce solids.
Increase efficiency.

CarbonWorks Renew holds the power to extend pumping intervals, clean flushing alleys, and eliminate the need for mechanical removal of bottom solids—all by promoting the growth of aerobic bacteria and discouraging the collection of solids.

Carbon to Hold Your Nutrients

Enhancing the breakdown of your manure with CarbonWorks Renew unlocks more nutrients. The carbon contained in CarbonWorks Renew helps hold these nutrients longer—especially nitrogen—so your crops can use them throughout the growing season.

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Take a fresh approach.

Add CarbonWorks Renew weekly to your lagoon or pit to make the aerobic bacteria thrive and transform your manure into a nutrient-rich fertilizer for your farm.