CarbonWorks Agronomy System

Establishing a uniform field of hemp is no small task. But with CarbonWorks' proven products, you can expect the same robust plant growth and field uniformity we are known to deliver.

Proven Results


Planting Trial: Final Stand

Establishing a uniform field of hemp from seed is one of the top challenges facing hemp growers. The dramatic improvement in stand establishment with CarbonWorks RSTC 17 can be seen in the above side-by-side trial.

Yield Trial: In-Progress...

CarbonWorks Agronomy

Improve crop consistency
With Our Step-by-Step Agronomy System.

Establish your crop


Apply 2 quarts of CarbonWorks RSTC 17® with 8 - 12 gallons of water per acre in-furrow at planting.


Increases germination rates, speeds emergence, and improves stand uniformity to boost your total yield potential.

Plant Boost


Apply 2 quarts per acre of CarbonWorks RSTC 17 with your irrigation cycle at 2–3 weeks.


Helps further develop the young plant and establish a robust root system.

Fuel higher yields


Apply 2 quarts per acre of CarbonWorks RSTC 17 once per month until harvest


Maintains a healthy plant for maximum nutrient utilization and yield potential.

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