CarbonWorks Restore Boosts Soybean Yields from the Ground Up

Product Performance
February 1, 2018

Using a starter on soybeans has been an uncommon practice among farmers—until we created CarbonWorks Restore.

What is Mother Nature going to throw at you this spring? Cool weather? Pounding rains? Hard crusting? Let’s face it: there are plenty of potential obstacles that can stand in the way of a perfect stand. But in order to maximize your soybean’s yield potential, you must get every seed off to a good start.

That’s exactly what I told the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association at its annual meeting in January. And now I’d like to share that message here as well. CarbonWorks has created a revolutionary starter fertilizer technology that can help you overcome challenging weather, improve germination, and speed emergence. And that means more uniform stands—and more revenue per acre for the soybean farmer.

What is a starter?

At CarbonWorks, we define a starter as a product that is designed to enhance the environment around the seed to improve germination rates, speed emergence, and establish a more uniform crop. Our philosophy is a bit different: most common starters see better germination and yield response if the starter is off and away from the seed. Why? Because the starter’s salt content harms the seeds. Even “low-salt” starters require carefully controlled application rates and placement. Clearly, these products don’t benefit the environment around the seed—the area we call the “seed sphere.”

In our studies over the past 13 years, we have discovered three critical components that enhance the seed sphere and thereby help seeds germinate faster, at higher rates, and speed emergence.

Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen deliver results.

Life isn’t possible without these critical components. Together, they work with soil microbes to promote better germination and emergence.

Soil microbes need oxygen to thrive. When the soil becomes overly saturated, they cannot live. By adding oxygen to the seed sphere, you can keep the microbes alive when heavy rains drench your fields.

Carbon is a food source for microbes. With food and oxygen, the microbes will become more active. And more activity means more heat. The additional heat that is generated in the seed sphere helps promote quicker germination in cool soils.

The third critical component, hydrogen, provides energy for seeds and microbes. It extends a seed’s “fuel tank” and gives the seedling an extra boost to push through a hard crust.

CarbonWorks Restore raises the bar.

“Out of more than 20 starters that we’ve tested, CarbonWorks Restore has been the top-performing starter for soybeans in every trial over the past 7 years.” – AgRevival, an independent research company.

We’ve combined the benefits of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen into a single, concentrated product that has delivered an average increase of 5 bushels per acre on soybeans in Minnesota over the past 7 years. The lowest yield increase we’ve seen in these trials was 4.5 bushels per acre (in 2013). As you can see, CarbonWorks Restore has been incredibly consistent. These results have been compiled by AgRevival—an independent research company headquartered in Minnesota.

Yield increase data on Minnesota soybeans from 2011 to 2017 with CarbonWorks Restore

Does CarbonWorks Restore cash flow on soybeans?

At a soybean price of $9.79 per bushel, CarbonWorks Restore has averaged a revenue increase of $48.95 per acre. The suggested retail price for CarbonWorks Restore is $112 per gallon. At a recommended rate of 32 ounces per acre, the cost is $28.00 per acre. The overall result is a $20.95 net return on investment per acre.

How is CarbonWorks Restore applied?

Over the past 7 years, we have fine-tuned CarbonWorks Restore’s application rate to bring you the best return on investment. CarbonWorks Restore should be applied in-furrow and on top of the seed at a rate of 24–32 ounces per acre mixed with a minimum of 5 gallons per acre of water. This ratio ensures a consistent flow of product into the seed sphere.

The soil beneath your soybeans is a complex ecosystem of microbes that must work together to support your plants. And there’s no better way to get your plants off to their best start than a revolutionary starter fertilizer that feeds and supports these very microbes. Using CarbonWorks Restore, you can carry your soybeans through many of the challenges Mother Nature throws your way.

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George Sims